Milano 2 aprile-12 settembre 2016



The “Brilliant!” exhibition sees the return of jewellery to the International Exposition for the first time since 1973. The exhibition includes the main figures in Italian jewellery from art, fashion and design, and it seems to reaffirm the centrality of the relationship between design and the body, in its public dimension, as ornaments, function and design.

These are the masterpieces of Italian jewellery, admired the world over, and here they become exempla to be handed down to future generations in a pluralism of languages that intersects jewellery with art, design, fashion and new technologies. The protagonist is the necklace, the most representative and beautiful facet of Italian jewellery.

Cinema jewels that recoup styles from the past thanks to fine craftmanship are the protagonists of the production of PERCOSSI PAPI, the Roman company founded in 1968 in a small atelier at the Pantheon, in the heart of historic Rome. The jewels of Diego Percossi Papi are inspired by the pomp of history, filtered by the study of traditional crafts techniques and then developed through an original style, in harmonious dialogue between the jewellery tradition and the contemporary impact of fashion. Percossi Papi also creates jewellery for cinema, like collier de chien “Johanna” in 2014, in silver, emerald, African amethyst, Palmeira citrines, pearls, micromosaic of small natural pearls, cloisonné enamel on vermeil, made for the film EMPEROR by Lee Tamahori in 2016.

By Alba Cappellieri