Fondi – Palazzo Caetani dell’Aquila
28th July – 6th October 2010


Eclectic utopia of a style which never existed

This exhibition conceptually reunites us to lost evidence of a culture that still renews itself: the Byzantine culture and it does so through a collection of Russian icons, the reconstruction of the ancient wooden crucifix of Fondi and the display of Percossi Papi jewels and artefacts. Byzantine style is a key with which to interpret the sacred and political and religious authority. It is a bridge between man and the divine and because of this, the symbols it represents are eternal.

The exhibition moves from the sacred to the profane as the language of Byzantine style is absorbed by the contemporary world through the eclecticism, which the 19th century developed, and with Percossi Papi jewels, as the main interpreter of this style, today. His work takes us back to ideas of mosaics, works of art, classical mythology. They are artefacts which make one dream.